Louroujina Salient

The Louroujina Salient (35°00′33″N, 33°27′52″E) marks the southernmost extent of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a de facto state / break-away state not recognized by the international community. It is named after the Turkish Cypriot village of Louroujina (Official TRNC name after 1974 Akıncılar).

When the Turkish military invasion took place in 1974, this village was secured so as to place it within a contiguous Turkish Cypriot zone, which later became in 1975, the Turkish Federated State of North Cyprus, then in 1983, the TRNC. It is accessible only by one road from the rest of the de facto TRNC. The UN Buffer Zone separates the salient from the Republic of Cyprus.

Residents of Louroujina village are (at least nominally) Muslims of Linobambaki origins. They still keep their Italian surnames and speak Greek as their mother tongue. However, after campaigns of "turkification" by consecutive Rauf Denktash governments, they were given surnames in Turkish, speaking Greek was discouraged and the name of the village was changed into Akıncılar (meaning "Ottoman raiders" in Turkish) Louroujina is known politically as a leftist stronghold in Northern Cyprus.

On some Greek Cypriot maps, the village is spelt as Loyroykina, or Lurucina.

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