The Fractal Cosmos of Anaxagoras

Anaxagoras of Clazomenae (499 B.C. - 428 B.C.). Greek, born in Ionia, lived in Athens He was imprisoned for claiming that the sun was not a god and that the moon reflected the sun's light. While in prison he tried to solve the problem of squaring the circle, that is constructing with ruler and compasses a square with area equal to that of a given circle (this is the first record of this problem being studied).

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P.V. Gruji´c, Yugoslavia, THE CONCEPT OF FRACTAL COSMOS: I. ANAXAGORAS’ COSMOLOGY, Serb. Astron. J. 163 (2001), 21 – 34

Abstract: The concept of a fractal cosmos occupies a prominent position in the modern cosmology. We trace the development of this concept from the presocratic Greece to the present state of affairs. In this first part we consider the original idea due to Anaxagoras and elucidate a number of points with regard to possible interpretation of his cosmological ideas. A comparison has been made with the cosmology of Abderian school and relevance to the modern cosmology discussed.


Anaxagoras Fragments and Commentary

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