Hellenistic Art: The Spinario, a boy drawing a thorn from his foot

Michael Lahanas

Hellenistische Kunst: Der Dornauszieher

Spinario, the thorn puller, 73 cm Roman bronze copy from a Greek original around 50 BC?, now Rome, Musei Capitoline. Known records since 12th century. A gift to to the city of Rome by Pope Sixtus IV in 1471.

Palazzo dei Conservatori, Hall of the Triumphs , MC 1186

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The Castellani Version of the Spinario (3D View ľ Quicktime) German Page

Spinario British Museum 1755

Bernardino Genga (1620-1690) : Anatomia per uso et intelligenza del disegno ricercata non solo su gl'ossi, e muscoli del corpo humano, Rome: Domenico de Rossi, herede di Gio. Jacomo de Rossi, 1691.

Gaudenzio Marconi (1841-1885), Le tireur d'Úpine ("Lo spinario"), circa 1870.

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