The Naxian Lions Terrace of Delos

Δήλος : Άνδηρο Λεόντων

Delos from Space, interactive (few seconds to load)

The guardian Lions dedicated by the Naxians to the Sanctuary of Apollo (probably around end of 7th century or according to Boardman 575-550 BC). Delos was the birthplace of Apollo. The number of lions is estimated to be between 9-16. They were according to a description with their mouths open and (silent) roaring set to inspire a divine fear to the worshipers. The lions were found between 1886 and 1906. Only in 1999 the lions were moved in a museum after the wind and sea water for almost 100 years damaged the surface of the sculptures. Only 5 lions survived and from 3 other lions fragments exist. Another lion was transported to Venice in the 17th century (image).

The lions are now in the Archaeological Museum of Delos. Delos was included in the World's Cultural Heritage list of Cultural Landscapes and Archaeological Remains (1990) under the protection of UNESCO.

Stamp with the terrace of the Lions in Delos

United Nations Stamp Delos, World Heritage

Quicktime Movies of Delos

Information about Delos from Perseus

The Lion Gate of Mycenae

A Collage of Odysseas Elytis with a Delos Lion


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