Hellenistic Art: The Horse and Jockey of Artemision

Michael Lahanas

Ο Ιππέας (τζόκεϋ ) του Αρτεμισίου

Klassische Griechische Kunst: Der Reiter von Artemision

The young jockey of Artemision and his horse (Source), Ο Ιππέας (τζόκεϋ ) του Αρτεμισίου, National Archaeological Museum of Athens, around 150-146 BC some say around 200 BC. Discovered 1926 by two fishermen in Cape Artemision (some sources say 1928, some parts found 8 years later). One of the few representations of Greek horse race monuments (eg. like the Delphi charioteer) probably some dedication to the gods by a wealthy person for a horse race victory

One interpretation of the physiognomy of the young Jockey is that he is probably from Africa (Ethiopia ?).

Horse detail

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Front View

Seán Hemingway, The Horse and Jockey from Artemision: A Bronze Equestrian Monument of the Hellenistic Period. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004.

The Techniques of Bronze Statuary in Ancient Greece

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