Tenea (Greek:Τενέα) was established approximately 15 kilometers west of Corinth and 25 kilometers NW of Mycenae shortly after the Trojan war by Trojans living in the island of Tenedos, offshore Troy, hence the name. The Kouros of Tenea, a unique creation found in the ruins of Tenea, is now part of the Munich art collection.

Mention of Tenea was made by Strabo (8.6.22.) and Pausanias (2.5.4)

Tenea given autonomy when it broke from Corinth and sided with the Romans. [Strabo 8.6.22]

Such is the account I heard of the Asopus. When you have turned from the Acrocorinthus into the mountain road you see the Teneatic gate and a sanctuary of Eilethyia. The town called Tenea is just about sixty stades distant. The inhabitants say that they are Trojans who were taken prisoners in Tenedos by the Greeks, and were permitted by Agamemnon to dwell in their present home. For this reason they honor Apollo more than any other god. [Pausanias 2.5.4]

Tenea and Rome are two historical cities known to be built by Trojans after the Trojan War.

Corinthians and Teneans established the joint colony of Syracuse in Sicily, the homeland of Archimedes.

The medieval monastery of Panagia Faneromeni 2 kilometres SE of Tenea was built during the 13th century, and the temple (shown bellow) with surrounding buildings is still in good condition.


Map of Tenea

Municipality of Tenea

Photos of Tenea

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