Aeschylus (525/4 - 456 BC)

Michael Lahanas


Griechische Literatur: Aischylos

Αισχύλον Ευφορίωνος Αθηναίον τόδε κεύθει μνήμα καταφθίμενον πυροφόροιο Γέλας άλκην δ' ευδόκιμον Μαραθωνιον άλσος αν είποι και βαθυχαιτήεις Μήδος επιστάμενος. Aeschylus son of Euphorion the Athenian this monument hides, who died in wheat-bearing

Aeschylus himself did not care about his fame: he wanted to be remembered not for his tragedies, but for the fact that he had fought at Marathon in 490 BC together with his brother Cynegerirus (another borther was Ameinias). He also participate at the Salamis battle 480 BC with Ameinias and probably also in Plataea one year later. In 468 BC Sophocles appears as a serious opponent and seems to be a reason of Aeschylus anger as Sophocles becomes a winner in a contest. He lives Athens goes probably to Syracuse to the tyrant , , (Choephoroi) (Prometheus Desmotes probably a Trilogy Prometheus Unbound and Prometheus the Fire-Bringer)
( Iketides probably also a Trilogy The Egyptians and The Danaids)