In Greek mythology, Apsyrtus (or Absyrtus) (Ἄψυρτος) of Colchis was a son of Aeetes and a brother of Medea and Chalciope . When his sister, Medea, ran off with Jason, the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece, she distracted Aeetes by killing her brother Absyrtus. There are two major accounts as to exactly how this happen:

In one version, as in Seneca's Medea, she cut Absyrtus into pieces and threw them in the way of her father (King Aeëtes). Aeëtes stopped to pick up the pieces, since it was necessary to gather all the pieces in order to give Absyrtus a proper burial.

Tomi, the place where this horror was committed, was believed to have derived its name from τέμνω, “cut.”

In other versions, such as Euripides' Medea, instead of directly killing her brother, Medea lured him to a sacred area, where he was ambushed and killed.

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