Alexander honours Achilles in Ilion (Troy)

Achilles and Ajax playing

Achilles and Ajax playing

Achilles and Ajax playing, Berlin Painter

Phoenix, Achilles and Thetis, Boston Amphora

Achilles new arms BM E363

Achilles, Polyxena and Troilus

Achilles and Troilus, Louvre E669

Cheiron und Achilles, Herculaneum. The Centaur in a position probably anatomical impossible

Achilles Berlin F 2278

Achilles binding the wounds of his friend Patroclus, the son of Menoetius, from a c. 500 BC kylix cup (now in a Museum in Berlin Germany), Sosias Painter, Patroclus wearing a cap used to make the wearing of the helmet more comfortable. Interior and Side View . Patroclos killed later by HectorAchilles bandaging Patroclus, pottery with text ΣΟΣΙΑΣ ΕΠΟΙΗΣΕΝ

The names of the two heroes being written round the margin. The left upper arm of Patroclus is injured, and Achilles is bandaging it with a two-rolled bandage, which he is trying to bring down to extend over the elbow. Achilles was not a trained surgeon, and it will be observed, from the position of the two tails of the bandage, that he will have some difficulty when it comes to its final fastening! (Charles Singer )

Achilles and Hector, Louvre G153

Achilles and Penthesilea, BM B209

Achilles at thee court of Lycomedes Louvre Ma2120

Achilles and Chiron sarcophagus Terme

Achilles in Lycomedes' court , disguised as a girl testing the sword in Ulysses' pack, Battoni

Chiron and Achilles, Eugène Ferdinand Victor Delacroix

Wrath of Achilles, Michel Martin Drolling

Achilles, Rubens

Priam Asking Achilles to Return Hector's Body, Alexander Ivanov

Chiron and Achilles, Georg Clement de Swiecinski


Deploration of Achilles by his mother Thetis and Nereids Corinthian Hydria, c. 560/550 BC, Damon Painter, an overview

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