Aetolus (Aitolos) (Αιτωλός / Αἰτωλὸς ) in Greek mythology is

the son of Endymion , reigned as King of Elis. He killed Apis, the ruler of Apia. Aitolos ruled Aetolia, which took its name from him.


a son of Oxylus who according to Pausanias 5.4.4 was buried in the gate of Elis

Oxylus is said to have had two sons, Aetolus and Laias. Aetolus died before his parents, who buried him in a tomb which they caused to be made right in the gate leading to Olympia and the sanctuary of Zeus. That they buried him thus was due to an oracle forbidding the corpse to be laid either without the city or within it. Pausanias


The father of Palaemon.

Source: Apollod. 1.9.17

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