Part 2

Titian and the two loves (amor sacro e amor profano)

Primavera (1478) by Sandro Botticelli. It is Spring, Nature's favorite season. The three Charites (Graces) are dancing, a Nymph (Chloris) spreads flowers. It's time for a new erotic adventure represented by Aphrodite (Venus) and her flying son Eros (who uses blind his bow). The wind Zephyrus captures Chloris. Only Hermes (as the Psychopompos who carries the soul of the persons who died to the underworld ) on the left side seems to ignore everything. He knows that death does not care what season it is.

Venus and Mars, Botticelli

Giorgione's Sleeping Venus (c. 1510)

The Venus of Urbino , Titian(1538)

Correggio , Venus and Cupid

Venus Consoling Love, François Boucher

"Venus and Mars with Cupid" by Paris Bordone

Ares and Aphrodite captured in a net, Hephaestus shows the couple to the other Olympian Gods , L. Corinth(1909)

Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces, David

Venus and Cupid, Lorenzo Lotto

Venus and Adonis, Jacopo Amigoni

Venus and Adonis, Annibale Carracaci

Venus and Adonis, Jacob Adriaensz Backer

Venus Genitrix , Arnold Böcklin

The Judgement of Paris, Peter Paul Rubens, ca 1636 (National Gallery, London)

The Judgement of Paris, Paul Cézanne, 15 × 21 cm .1862-1864, private collection

Venus and Hermes, Nicolas Chaperon

Pallas Athena, Venus and Juno, Hans von Aachen