Automedon and the Horses of Achilles, Henri Alexandre Georges Regnault, Oil on canvas 315 x 329 cm (124 x 129 1/2 in.)1868, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Patroclus told Automedon to yoke the horses quickly
the man he most esteemed after Achilles,
breaker of men, and the one he trusted most
to carry out his orders in a battle.
For Patroclus Automedon put swift horses 
in the harnessesXanthus and Balius, who flew along      180
as swiftly as the wind. 

Homer , Iliad

In Greek mythology, Automedon (Αὐτομέδων), son of Diores, was Achilles' charioteer and afterwards of Pyrrhus, the son of Achilles.

Iliad XVI, 145; XVII, 429

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