Batea (also spelled Bateia) is a figure in Greek mythology said to be the daughter or (less commonly) the aunt of King Teucer, ruler of a tribe known as the Teucrians (Teucri). The Teucrians inhabited the area of northwest Asia Minor later called the Troad (Troas), and the term is sometimes used as another name for the Trojans. Batea married King Dardanus, son of Zeus and Electra, whom Teucer named as his heir. Batea gave her name to a hill in the Troad, mentioned in the Iliad. By Dardanus, Batea was the mother of Ilus, Erichthonius, Zacynthus, and Idaea. Greek mythology also recounts Arisbe, a daughter of Teucer, as the wife of Dardanus so Arisbe and Batea are usually assumed to be the same person.

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