Biblis changed into a spring, C. Dupaty , Louvre, Paris 1819

In Greek mythology, Byblis (or Biblis) (Βυβλίς) was a daughter of Miletus by Eidotheaia. She fell in love with Caunus, her brother. She even sent him a long love letter through a servant giving examples of other incestuous relationships between the gods. He ran away and she followed him through much of Greece and Asia Minor until she finally died, tired and sad. She was changed into a spring.

Other stories say that Caunus fell in love with her back before disappearing and breaking Byblis' heart, but she still dies, hanging herself with her girdle. Or she jumps off a cliff and is saved by Hamadryads. There is also a version where Caunus instigates the incest, but Byblis still seems to return his affection.

Biblis, William-Adolphe Bouguereau


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