Artist/Maker Unknown

Old Centaur teased by Eros. Roman copy (1st–2nd centuries AD) of a Greek original of the 2nd century BC. Marble, found in Rome in the 17th century, belonged to the Borghese collections. A grey-black marble statue of the same type was found in the Villa Adriana in Tivoli together with a grey-black marble Young Centaur laughing at Eros's wounds. The pair, now shown in the Capitoline Museums, bear the signature of Aristeas and Papias of Aphrodisias, a city in Asia Minor. It can surmised that the Louvre statue was an element from a pair as well.

Dimensions H. 1.47 cm (4 ft. 9 ¾ in.), L. 1.07 cm (3 ft. 6 in.), W. 52 cm (20 ¼ in.)

Credit line Borghese Collection; purchase, 1807

Accession number Ma 562 (MR 122)

Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Sully wing, ground floor, room 17

Photographer Jastrow (2006)

Centaur teased by Eros, Capitoline Museum, Detail

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