In Greek mythology Cocalus was the King of Sicily.

After the escape of Daedalus and Icarus from King Minos's imprisonment, and the subsequent death of Icarus, Daedalus arrived in Sicily, where he was welcomed by King Cocalus. Minos was, however, determined to find Daedalus, and he travelled from city to city offering a challenge: he presented a spiral seashell and asked for it to be strung all the way through. When he reached Camicus in Sicily, Cocalus, knowing that Daedalus would be able to solve the puzzle, showed it to him. Daedalus tied the thread to an ant, which walked through the seashell, stringing it all the way through. Minos then knew Daedalus was sheltering in the court of King Cocalus, and demanded that he be handed over. Cocalus managed to convince him to take a bath first, and Cocalus' daughters then killed Minos.

Ovid VIII, 261.

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