Erato - Oak panel, Simon Vouet

Erato (Ἐρατώ), ("lovely") was a Greek Muse, represented with a lyre. She was the Muse of lyric poetry and hymns. With Arcas, she had one son: Azan.

There is an Erato Street in New Orleans, between Clio and Thalia Streets.

Archelaos: The Muses and the Apotheosis of Homer

Muses on Stamps More Info English , or in Greek(Roman Sculpture

Romantic Paintings

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John William Godward (1861-1922), Erato at Her Lyre


There are two other mythical personages of this name

Erato, a nymph and the wife of Arcas, by whom she became the mother of Elatus, Apheidas, and Azan. She was said to have been a prophetic priestess of the Arcadian Pan. (Paus. viii. 27. 9 .) and a Nereid. (Apollod. i. 3. 1, 2.§ 6; Hes. Theog. 247.)

Erato , José Clara

 Erato, Francesco Furini

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