Helena Modrzejewska (Helena Modjeska) (1840-1909), Polish-American actress, as Laodamia

In Greek mythology, Laodamia (Λαοδάμεια) referred to two different women:


a daughter of Bellerophon by Achemoné, the daughter of king Iobates. She had a son by Zeus called Sarpedon


A daughter of Acastus and Astydameia, and wife of Protesilaus. When she received intelligence of the death of her husband in the Trojan War she caused an image of him to be formed, which she would never allow to be out of her sight. Her father ordered the image to be burned, that her thoughts might be diverted from her loss; but Laodamia threw herself into the flames, and perished along with it. Thence probably the tradition adopted by some poets that the gods restored life to Protesilaüs for three hours, and that this hero, finding the decree irreversible, by which he was to return to the shades below, prevailed on Laodamia to accompany him thither. She was also called Phylaces ( Verg. Aen.vi. 447; Ovid, Her.13; Hyg. Fab.104).

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