Linus refers to: Any of three sons of Apollo from Greek mythology:

  • Son of Apollo and Urania, he was killed by Apollo during a contest.
  • Son of Apollo and Psamathe, whose father was the King of Argos. She feared her father and gave the infant Linus to shepherds to raise. He was torn apart by dogs after reaching adulthood and Psamathe was killed by her father, for which Apollo sent a child-killing plague to Argos.

Pistoxenus (gr. Pistoxenos), Music Lesson, Linus and Iphicles

Heracles (Hercules) going to his lessons. He is chaperoned by Linus (some sources say his nanny), who is holding his lyre for him .
Heracles teacher of Music was Linus and Eumolpus. Linus tried to punish Heracles who was not a good student but th result was that he was killed by Heracles who could not control his power. Pistoxenos Painter ?

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