Macar (also Macareus) (Μακαρεύς) is the name of several individuals in Greek mythology.

1. Macar (also Macareus), the son of Aeolus and either Enarete or Amphithea, and brother of Canace. Canace was killed by Aeolus after she fell in love with Macar.

2. Macar, one of the Heliadae, a son of Rhodus and Helios. Macar, along with his brothers, Triopas, Actis and Candalus, were jealous of a fifth brother, Tenages's, skill at science. They killed him. Macar fled to Lesbos, where he became King, and took over many of the neighboring islands. Lesbos, the god of the island, came to the island and married Macar's daughter, Methymna. His other children were Mytilene and Cydrolaus. In a variant myth Macar was called the son of Crinacus

3. Macareus, a companion to Odysseus on his voyages. He met Aeneas.

4. Macareus, son of Lycaon.

5. Macareus, a king of Locris and father to Euboea.

6. Macareus, one of the Lapiths who fought against the Centaurs.

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