A Patient and his family ask help from Asclepius and his family (here five of his children)

In Greek mythology, Machaon (Μαχάων, Μαχάων) was a son of Asclepius. With Podalirius, his brother, he led an army from Thessaly (or possibly Messenia) in the Trojan War on the side of the Greeks. Machaon (or his brother) healed Philoctetes during the battle.

Machaon and Philoctetes, Etruscan Mirror

He was killed by Eurypylus, the son of Telephus, and received divine honours after his death in Messenia, of which he was by some called the king. See Verg. Aen.ii. 263 Aen., 426.

The Papilio machaon (Old World Swallowtail) is named after Machaon.

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