Nymph and Dionysus

Nymph and Dionysus

"as it is, the Greek story has it that no sooner was Dionysus born than Zeus sewed him up in his thigh and carried him away to Nysa in Ethiopia beyond Egypt; and as for Pan, the Greeks do not know what became of him after his birth. It is therefore plain to me that the Greeks learned the names of these two gods later than the names of all the others, and trace the birth of both to the time when they gained the knowledge. Herodotus, (in Histories 2:146)

Personifications: Nysa, Anatrofi, Nymphs, Tropheus, Ambrosia, Hermes and Dionysus, Nektar and Theogonia, Paphos Mosaics

Nysa was a mythical place in Greek mythology where the young god Dionysus was raised. The exact location of Nysa varies in the myths; locations include Ethiopia, Anatolia, Libya, Tribalia (nowdays Serbia), and Arabia. Greek concepts of where Nysa was, are variable enough to suggest that a magical distant land was named 'Nysa' to explain the god's unreadable name, as the 'god of Nysa'. Infant Dionysus, god of the grapevine, was nursed by the rain-nymphs, the Hyades at Nysa.

Named after Nysa

44 Nysa main belt asteroid

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