Odysseus and Ithaca

Odysseus and Polyphemus, Cyclops Painter

Odysseus and Euryclea

Odysseus and Penelope Louvre CA860

Odysseus, Chiaramonti Inv.1901

Escape of Odysseus, Villa Albani, Rome

Odysseus in the palace of Circe

Odysseus with the Palladium, vase painting

The Sacrifice of Odysseus for Tiresias, Etruscan Sarcophagus

Odysseus threatens Circe with death , Etruscan Sarcophagus

Odysseus and the Sirens

Odysseus , Tiresias and Eurylochus, CdM 422

Odysseus and Achilles, Villa Giulia

Odysseus Ajax Louvre F340

Diomedes, Odysseus and Rhesus, MNA Naples

Mnesterophonia (slaughter of the suitors) Louvre CA7124

Odysseus as a beggar in Ithaca

Odysseus killing the suitors of his wife Penelope, Attic red-figure skyphos, c. 440 BC, from Tarquinia, by the Penelope Painter

Odysseus, MAR Sperlonga

Odysseus simulating Madness, Heywood Hardy

Ulysses and the Sirens, J. W. Waterhouse

Ulysses and the Sirens, Herbert James Draper

Odysseus meets his father Laertes in his vineyards.

Odysseus and Argos

Antinous, the suitor and Odysseus

Odysseus and the suitors from G. Schwab

Odysseus recognized by Euryclea, 1849 , Gustave Boulanger

Leukothea gives her vail to save Odysseus, John Flaxman

Demodokos sings stories about Troy in front of Alcinous, right side Odysseus, John Flaxman

Odysseus in the court of Alcinous (Ulisse alla corte di Alcinoo) (1813-1815), Francesco Hayez (1791-1882)

Ulysses and Calypso, Arnold Böcklin

Odysseus and Nausicaa , Valentin Serov

Odysseus fights with Irus, Lovis Corinth

Odysseus and the Sirens, Victor Mottez

Ulysses seeing the Shade of Hercules

The Sirens imploring Ulysses to stay

Odysseus and Penelope , Francesco Primaticcio , c. 1563

Homer's Odyssey Stamps

A Plan of Odysseus' Palace According to Johann Heinrich Voss (1820), translator of Homer's works

Kirk Douglas as Odysseus , in the Film Ulysses (1955)

Homer Simpson as Odysseus updates the population number of Troy after the war

Odysseus crater on the Saturn moon Tethys

Mythology Images

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