In Greek mythologyy, Pero (gr. Πηρώ). was a daughter of Neleus and Chloris, and the wife of Bias. Her sons included Areius, Leodocus and Talaus.

The story of Pero is mentioned in Book XI of Homer's Odyssey. Pero's beauty attracted many suitors, but Neleus, her father, refused to give his daughter to any man unless he could raid the cattle of Iphicles from Phylace.


Homer. Odyssey xi. 286
Apollod. i. 9. 9
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Odyssey Book XI:

"Next I saw lovely Chloris, whom Neleus
married because she was so beautiful,
after he'd given countless courtship gifts.
She was the youngest child of Amphion,
son of Iasus, once the mighty king
of Minyan Orchomenus.  As queen in Pylos,
she bore her husband splendid children

Nestor, Chromius, noble Periclymenus,
and lovely Pero, a mortal wonder, 

so much so that all the neighbouring men
sought her hand in marriage.  But Neleus
wouldn't give her to anyone except the man
who drove great Iphicles' cattle herd 

from Phylace—broad-faced beasts with spiral horns,
and hard to manage.  A trusty prophet
was the only one who promised he would try,
but a painful fate determined by the gods
ensnared him—those savage cattle herders
imprisoned him in cruel bondage.     


Pero is also the mother of the rivergod Asopus by Poseidon. (Apollod. iii. 12. § 6.)

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