In Greek mythology, Polydamas (Πολυδάμας) , brother of Euphorbus ( Il.xvi. 534), was a lieutenant and friend of Hector during the Trojan War. Since Homer makes no reference to his ancestry (except to note that he is the son of Panthous and Phrontis), he is apparently a commoner, or in any event not a member of the royal house of Troy.

During the portion of the war described in the Iliad, he often proposes a cautious battle strategy which is sometimes accepted but more often refused by Hector, who prefers direct attack. Near the end of the Iliad, Polydamas advises the Trojans to retreat when Achilles ends his feud with Agamemnon and rejoins the Greek forces, but Hector does not take his advice, confronts Achilles and is killed by him.

Neither Homer nor Virgil has anything to say about his ultimate fate, but it may be supposed he perished with the majority of the people of Troy when the Greeks took the city.

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