Tlepolemus, son of Hercules, a huge brave man, 
led nine ships of courageous troops, men from Rhodes,   
split into three divisions: from Lindus, Ialysus,   
and chalky Cameirusall led by Tlepolemus,    
famous spearman, born to Astyocheia 
, Iliad Book 2  

Tlepolemus, or Tlêpólemos (Τληπόλεμος ), in Greek mythology was the son of Heracles by Astyoche, daughter of the King of Ephyra.

In his youth, Tlepolemus killed his father's uncle, Licymnius, and fled his father's house with his followers to Rhodes, of which he became the ruler. He led the Rhodian forces that joined the Achaean force in the Trojan War, and was killed by Sarpedon on the first day of fighting in the Iliad.

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