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Michael Lahanas

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A man's homeland is wherever he prospers. )

Pantias Rallis, leading member of the Rallis family, Rally Bros company in London, trade centers in Persia, India, USA, Japan, Egypt,...

John Eustratio Ralli(s) (1876-1964) , Greek Entrpereneur, Ralli Brothers in India founded in 1851, which was rechristened Rallis India in 1948. ( one of )

, , J. Boutaris Estates, Chateau Lazaridis, Domaine Costas Lazaridis, Domaine George Kokotos, Domaine Gerovasiliou, Domaine Hatzimichalis, Domaine Merkouri, Domaine Skouras, Domaine Spiropoulos, Mykonos Organic Vineyards, Papaioannou Winery, Sigalas Wine Company, Strofilia Winery, Georga's Family winery, C.A.I.R. Hellas, Nasiakos Winery, Lyrarakis - GEA SA, Lafazanis winery, Milopotamos Winery, Haniotis Winery, Glinavos wines - Monastiri Zitsa SA, Monemvassia Winery.

Tankers, easyJet Airline, easyCar, easyMoney, easyHotel, easy4men, easyPizza, easyMusic, easyCruise, easyWatch, easyCinema, etc, etc.

Panayiotis (or Panagiotis) Angelopoulos (14.12.1909 Vlachorafti / Gortynia in Arcadia-5.6.2001 Athens) Chalivourgiki iron and steel company

Panayiotis Germanos

) (November 1905 Smyrna/Izmir Turkey ) Son of a Greek mariner and a German woman from Bavaria. The father of the „Mini“ car )

William Tavoulareas, a president of Mobil Oil Corporation (The Tavoulareas case with the Washington Post)


He served 32 years with General Electric Corporation where he founded the General Electric Trading Company and was appointed its first president and chief executive.

Peter Karmanos, CEO Compuware, owner of Carolina Hurricanes, billionaire philanthropist

Jim Giannopoulos, CEO of 20th Century Fox

Ted Leonsis, AOL, Washington Wizards (

George P. Mitchell from Texas, son of a Greek immigrant, an engineer who started a natural gas company he discovered natural gas fields. He is founder of the Mitchell Energy and the Woodlands Development Corp. He is a philanthropist, included in the list of the 400 most rich Americans ( (Eleftheroupolis/, (Εμμανουήλ (Μάικλ) Τζαχάρης) founder of Kos Pharmaceuticals, the former President and CEO of Key Pharmaceuticals , Niaspan

J.D. Roumeliotis occasionally contributes articles and also acts as an advisor to a couple of yachting magazines including companies in the field.