The Pharos of Alexandria, the first Lighthouse of the World

Michael Lahanas

Ο Φάρος της Αλεξανδρείας

Der Leuchtturm von Alexandria

Sostratus, the son of Dexiphanes, the Cnidian, dedicated this to the Saviour Gods, on behalf of those who sail the seas.
Dedicatory inscription of the Lighthouse, completed around 280-279 BC.

Pharos (Salvador Dali)

Φάρος Αλεξάνδρειας

The first lighthouse of the World, the “Pharos of Alexandria”, lasted for over 1500 years in the harbor of

The Pharos was as an idea of and Cleopatra

It was only in the 1990s that the lighthouse resurfaced. While shooting underwater scenes for a film on Hellenistic Alexandria, the Egyptian director Asmaa El-Bakri noticed a concrete dike being built on top of the ruins to protect Fort Quaitbay. A few meters underwater sphinxes and colossal statues of men and women were found. A stone torso of a woman from the third-century BC. X In 1993, when the Egyptian government began building a concrete breakwater around the base of the fortress to protect it from storm damage, there was an outcry from archaeologists who feared the operation might destroy any surviving remains of the Pharos and other nearby ancient buildings. The project was temporarily halted, and scholars from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities and the French Centre d'Études Alexandrines, led by Jean-Yves Empereur, began searching the waters around the fortress. Begun in 1994 under the direction of Jean-Yves Empereur, head of the Alexandria Study Centre, the mission has thus far classified over 2000 pieces.

The Pharos and