Ancient Greek Ships

Michael Lahanas

Αρχαία Ελληνική Ναυσιπλοΐα

Part 1

Wonders are many on earth, and the greatest of these
Is man, who rides the ocean and takes his way
Through the deeps, through wind-swept valleys of perilous seas
That surge and sway.

The Ship Procession in the Miniature Fresco ( (Part of the Hull of an Homeric Ship)

Argo, the ship of the Argonauts in a Greek stamp. The Argo ship was build in three months, but a modern reconstruction using only ancient tools after 15 months hard work could not finish even half of the c. 28 m long ship.

Trading-ship. (From a Vase in the British Museum.)

During the Hellenistic period also some gigantic ships were build. One famous example of such a ship is the