Timeline related to Greek Medicine

Griechische Medizin: Zeitlinie

About 522 BC

Author of the first? known Greek medical text Peri Physeos (Περί Φύσεως)

Epicharmus of Cos (or Kos) (Επίχαρμος) (son of Elotheles, a physician of Cos ,a member of the Asclepiad clan), author among other of comedies ("I am not afraid of being dead, I just do not want to die") and physician, "It is the spirit that sees, it is the spirit that hears, all the rest is deaf and blind".

5th century BC

(Φιλιστίων) (427-347 BC), Sicily, physician On Dieterics (Περί διαίτης) , Οψαρτυτικά , supporter of the four elements theory of Empedocles

About 420 BC

(Διοσκουρίδης o Πεδάνιος) published recommendations as to the medicinal use of specific plant extracts.

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Other Physicians :