John H. Argyris

Michael Lahanas

Griechische Wissenschaftler

John H. Argyris (Ioannis Hatziargyris) (Ιωάννης Αργύρης) (19.8.1913, Volos / Greece - 2.4.2004 Stuttgart, Germany) son of Nikolaos Hatzyargyris and Loukia Karatheodoris (later the wife of the Greek Prime Minister Themistocles Sofoulis). Outstanding specialist in the field of computers, aeronautics and mechanics of fluids, member of the Royal Aeronautic Society of London and of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, honorary member of the New York Academy of Sciences and of the Romanian Academy. His activity is reflected by around 500 studies and by his participation to various European scientific programs in the mechanics of fluids and computer applications.

John Argyris was born in