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Elpinice, (gr. Elpinike), daughter of Miltiades, and sister of Cimon. According to some accounts she was only his half-sister, and he therefore made her his wife, the Athenian law permitting marriage with a sister, if she was not homometrios. He gave her, however, afterwards in marriage to Callias, who had fallen in love with her, and who made this the condition of paying for Cimon the fine which had been imposed upon Miltiades. [vol.i. p.567,b.] The character of Elpinice does not stand high, and we hear of a suspected intrigue of her's with Polygnotus, the painter. When Cimon was accused of having taken bribes from Alexander I., king of Macedonia, Elpinice went to Pericles to entreat his forbearance. He put her off at the time with a jest, but lie refrained on the trial from pressing strongly the charge against her brother. Cimon is said also to have negotiated with Pericles, through Elpinice, the terms on which he was to return from exile. (Plut. Cim. 4, 14, Pericl. 10; Nepos, Cim. 1.)

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