In Greek mythology, Alcathous was

A son of Pelops and Hippodamia who beeing suspected of murdering his brother Chrysippus came to Megara where he killed a lion that had destroyed the king's son.

With the aid of Apollo, Alcathous rebuilt the walls of Megara, for which the king, Megareus, gave him his daughter, Periboea as a wife.

He succeeded to the kingdom of Megara and in commemoration to his services, festivals, called Alcathoia, where instituted at Megara.

Alcathous' eldest son, Ischepolis, fell in the Calydonian hunt; the second, Callipolis, running in with the news to his father when sacrificing to Apollo, scattered the altar fire, and Alcathous struck him dead with a firebrand for the supposed sacrilege.


Alcathous was also a Trojan who married Hippodamia daughter of Anchises. He was killed by Idomeneus. Homer Il. 12 v. 93, Apollod. I, c. 7


Alcathous was also a fried of Aeneas killed in the Rutulian war. Virg. Aen. 10, v 747

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