On the right of the gateway is a temple of Wingless Victory. From this point the sea is visible, and here it was that, according to legend, Aegeus threw him self down to his death. For the ship that carried the young people to Crete began her voyage with black sails; but Theseus, who was sailing on an adventure against the bull of Minos, as it is called, had told his father beforehand that he would use white sails if he should sail back victorious over the bull. But the loss of Ariadne made him forget the signal. Then Aegeus, when from this eminence he saw the vessel borne by black sails, thinking that his son was dead, threw himself down to destruction. There is at Athens a sanctuary dedicated to him, and called thehero-shrine of Aegeus. Pausanias.

In Greek mythology, five people shared the name Periboea (Περίβοια).

  • Periboea was the daughter of King Cychreus of Salamis or Alcathous and wife of Telamon. Cychreus eventually gave his kingdom to Telamon and Periboea gave birth to Ajax.
  • With Poseidon, Periboea was the mother of Nausithous.

    The childhood of Oedipus, Periboea and Hermes and the nymph Euboea

  • Wife of Polybus, stepmother of Oedipus
  • A Naiad and wife of Icarius, mother of Penelope and Perilaus
  • Wife of Hipponous and mother of Tydeus by Oeneus

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