Cassandra, naked, cowers at the feet of the image of Athena; Ajax grasps her hair to drag her away (right).

Aeneas carrying Anchises (left) , Attic red figure hydria, c. 480-475 BC
Attributed to the Kleophrades Painter
Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale 2422

In Greek mythology, Anchises was a son of Capys. Anchises was the son of Capys and either Themiste (daughter of Ilus, son of Tros) or Hieromneme (a Naiad and daughter of Simois, the river god). He was the father of Aeneas by Aphrodite.

Anchises bred his mares with the divine stallions owned by King Laomedon.

Aeneas carrying Anchises, Carle Van Loo Musée du Louvre, Paris

After the Trojan War, Anchises was carried from Troy to Italy by his son, Aeneas. Anchises died and was buried in Sicily. Aeneas later visited Hades and saw his father again in the Elysian Fields.

Homer. Iliad II, 819-21

Aeneas, Anchises' worthy son, led the Dardanians.
Goddess Aphrodite had borne him to Anchises.    
She had lain with him on the slopes of Ida.

Aeneas and Anchises


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