Apollo and Artemis, Brygos Louvre G151

Artemis Bendis, Apollo and Hermes Louvre G515

Artemis libation Louvre CA599

Heracles and the Ceryneian Hind BM B231

Artemis , killer of the Niobids


Apollo, Artemis, Leto and Ares, Madrid, Museo Arqueologico Nacional, 11008

Artemis (Diana), the daughter of Zeus and Leto, known also as Mistress of Beasts (Potnia Theron).

Artemis Relief, Argos

Apollo, Artemis and Leto in procession. Marble relief in the Louvre

appears in the painting

The View of the Plaster Cast Collection at Charlottenborg Palace

Artemis and Actaeon, Temple E, Selinunte

NAMABG-Peplos Kore as Artemis

Artemis Relief, Altes Museum - Antikensammlung

Artemis , Pergamon Zeus Altar

Artemis Leukophryene Temple, Magnesia on the Maeander

Artemis Pergaia

Abydos Tetradrachm, Artemis wearing a stephane, earing and necklace, over shoulder bow and quiver
Eagle , text "ABYDENON", a bunch of grapes, text TARMENIKOY, there was a temple of Artemis in Abydos

Magnesia on the Maeander Tetradrachm, Artemis Head, Apollo with a tripod ERONETOS ZOPYRIONOS (Herognetos son of Zopyrion) 190/133 BC

Artemis, Apollo and their mother Leto

Brauron, Sanctuary,Artemis

Relief Artemis Bendis BM 2155

Artemis of Ephesos from the Temple of Artemis

Artemis of Ephesus, Musei Capitolini MC1182

"Archaic" Artemis Naples

Artemis Rospigliosi Louvre Ma559

Artemis , Damophon

Artemis Capitolini MC1123

Artemis Colonna, Berlin

Diana, Sevilla

Artemis Gabii

A photo of Artemis of Ephesos

Artemis, Seville Palatine, Louvre Ma 3435

On one handle of the Francois Volute Krater: Artemis as the Mistress of Beasts (Potnia Theron). Pausanias abour another image of Artemis: On what account Artemis has wings on her shoulders I do not know; in her right hand she grips a leopard, in her left a lion.

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