Part 1

Zeus, Athena and Nike with Hellas the personification of Greece

Eileithyia, Zeus and the birth of Athena

Procession to an altar of Athena

Samian decree ACMA 1333, Hera and Athena representing Samos and Athens

Louvre F32, Side A: Birth of Athena

Exaleiptron birth of Athena Louvre CA616

Athena Ergane

Siphnos Treasury Frieze , Color Reconstruction. Athena, Hera,Thetis

Ares and Athena, BMB364

Voting scene BM E69

Athena with the Aegis

Perseus and Athena

Jason and the Dragon

Athena and Enceladus, Selinunte

Athena as a sculptor

Heracles and the Ceryneian Hind BM B231, Athena and Artemis

Athena, Heracles, Munich, Antikensammlungen, 2301

Athena, from Heracles and the Stables of Augeas

Mourning Athena

Athena against a giant (probably Enceladus).

Athena Nat. Archaeological Museum Athens

Athena attributed to Alkamenes , Roman copy 2nd centrury AD

Athena Pallas and Enceladus fighting. Athenian red figure dish by Oltos (?), ca. 525 BC. Location: Louvre, Department of Greek Antiquities (CA 3662)

Statue of Athena in Athens-Clarke County

Part 2, Paintings of Athena

Mythology Images

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