In Greek mythology, Autonoë (Greek ΑυτονόηἈυτονόη) was a daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia. She was the wife of Aristaeus and mother of Actaeon and Macris. She and her sisters were driven mad by Dionysus.

Pausanias 1. 44:

In Aegosthena is a sanctuary of Melampus, son of Amythaon, and a small figure of a man carved upon a slab. To Melampus they sacrifice and hold a festival every year. They say that he divines neither by dreams nor in any other way. Here is something else that I heard in Erenea, a village of the Megarians. Autonoe, daughter of Cadmus, left Thebes to live here owing to her great grief at the death of Actaeon, the manner of which is told in legend, and at the general misfortune of her father's house. The tomb of Autonoe is in this village

Autonoe (moon) — a satellite of Jupiter

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