In Greek mythology, Calliope or Kalliope (Greek: Καλλιόπη , beautiful-voiced) was the Muse for epic poetry. She had two sons, Orpheus and Linus with Apollo. She was the oldest and wisest of the Muses. She was the judge in the argument over Adonis between Aphrodite and Persephone. She was represented by a stylus and wax tablets.

Calliope and Mnemosyne

The Muse Calliope , Leonhard Kern (1588–-1662):

Simon Vouet, The Muses Urania and Calliope, c. 1634 [Source]

Calliope, Urania and Terpsichore, Mignard Pierre

Asteroid 22 Kalliope

Archelaos: The Muses and the Apotheosis of Homer

Muses on Stamps

More Info English , or in Greek

More Info English , or in Greek

Dance of the Muses
Dance of the Muses
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