The British Museum, London, United Kingdom

Artist/Maker Attributed to the Pourtal├Ęs Painter

Dionysos (sitting left, at the end of the couch) and Ploutos (sitting right, holding a cornucopia) surrounded by satyrs and maenads. A satyr is helping and supporting a drunken Hephaistos with his hammer (right). Eros plays with a goose at the bottom. Athenian red-figured krater, ca. 370/60 BC. Said to be from S. Agata dei Goti (Apulia, South Italy).

Dimensions Unspecified

Credit line Formerly in the Pourtal├Ęs collection

Accession number GR 1865.1-3.14 (Cat. Vases F 68)

Location Main floor, room 20, Greek & Rome

Photographer/Source Bibi Saint-Pol (2006, 22 November)
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