Dionysus with a crown of ivy and a panther skin , Kleophrades Painter

Dionysos in a ship, sailing among dolphins (pirates). Exekias Attic black-figure kylix, ca. 530 BC

Dionysus and the nymph Acme, Mosaic Cyprus

Dionysus, Ariadne Louvre F3

Dionysus, Ariadne Louvre G41

Dionysos fighting a Giant

Dionysus, with Hermes and a Satyr

Dionysos, kantharos, Louvre CA2981-2984

Dionysus and Icarius, BM B153

Dionysus and Plutus (Ploutos), BM F68

Dionysus and Maenads, Berlin, Antikensammlung, F2290, Attributed to Hieron Potter

Dionysus with Silen, Epiktetos, British Museum, E139

Dionysus and Maenads, Chelis Potter, Munich, Antikensammlungen, 2589

Young Dionysus and the Hyades

Dionysus with Komos and Tragedy

Seated Dionysos with Kantharos, Coin found in Skopelos (Peparethus), British Museum

Dionysus and Semele

Dionysos Parthenon BM

Dionysus and Ampelus

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