Hermes leading a goat to the sacrifice, side A of a red-figure bell crater by Python, ca. 360 BC–350 BC. Terracotta, Paestum, Campania, Italy., Louvre, Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Sully wing, Campana Gallery (Image by Jastrow, French Wikipedia)

God council in Olympus: Hermes with his mother Maia.

Artemis Bendis, Apollo and Hermes Louvre G515

Hermes, Achilles embassy Louvre G264

Hermes kriophoros ("ram carrier"). Attic black-figure olpe, 515/10 BC

Hermes making libation, Hermaios Potter, British Museum, 1896.10-22.1

Herse and Hermes?, Louvre G494

Hermes and the Silene Oreimachos, Berlin Painter c. 490 BC

Heracles, Cerberus and Hermes

Hermes with a Chelys Lyra

Hermes Propylaios, copy of a work of Alcamenes

Relief with a stamnos and a kerykeion, the symbols of Dionysus and Hermes from Athens

Hermes Agoraios from Thasos

Hermes Criophorus

Hermes Ingenui

Hermes fastening his sandal, Louvre

Hermes, Herculaneum

Mercury (Hermes), Augustin Pajou

Hermes MC639

Mercury Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

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