Hesperides Mosaic, Liria

Heracles in the Garden of the Hesperides

Dioscuri and Heracles, BM E224

Heracles and the Hesperides

Heracles in the Garden of the Hesperides,drawing from a vase painting

The Garden of the Hesperides, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, 1869/73

"The Garden of the Hesperides" by Frederick, Lord Leighton, 1892

Atlas offers the Hesperides apples to Heracles, drawing from a Lekythos, Athena painter, c. 490/480 BC, National Archaeological Museum Athens, Inv. 1132..

Where are the Hesperides? (See this American Newspaper Map)

Hesperides, Triptychon, Hans von Marees, 341 × 482 cm, 1884, Munich Pinakothek, Germany

Pausanias :


The Hesperids (in the Heraion at Olympia), five in number, were made by Theokles, also a Spartan, the son of Hegylos : he too is said to have been a pupil of Dipoinos and Skyllis.


(The treasury of the Epidamnians) contains the heavenly sphere supported by Atlas, and also Herakles and the apple-tree of the Hesperids, with the serpent coiled about it. These too are of cedar-wood, the work of Theokles, the son of Hegylos, who is stated by the inscription on the sphere to have assisted his son in the making.

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