Dipoenus and Scyllis

Dipoenus (Δίποινος) and Scyllis (gr. Dipoinos and Skyllis), early Greek sculptors, who worked together, and are said to have been pupils of Daedalus. Pliny assigns to them the date 580 B.C., and says that they worked at Sicyon, which city from their time onwards became one of the great schools of sculpture. They also made statues for Cleonae and Argos. They worked in wood, ebony and ivory, and apparently also, in marble. It is curious that no inscription bearing their names has come to light.

Pliny N. H. xxxvi. 9 :

The first to win fame as Marmore sculpendo primi sculptors in marble were Dipoinos and Skyllis, who were born in Crete while the empire of the Medes still lasted, and before Cyrus became king in Persia, i.e. about the fiftieth Olympiad (=580 B.C.). They repaired to Sikyon, which long remained the home of all such crafts. The Sikyonians contracted with them for statues of the gods, but before they were completed the artists complained that they were ill used and departed to Aetolia. Immediately Sikyon was attacked by famine, barrenness and dire calamity. When they asked relief, the Pythian Apollo answered that it should come ' when Dipoinos and Skyllis should finish the statues of the gods,' a favour which cost them dearly in rewards and attentions. These statues represented Apollo, Artemis, Herakles, and Athena (which last was afterwards struck by lightning).



(At Kleonai) there is a temple of Athena, and the image is the work of Skyllis and Dipoinos. Some hold them to have been pupils of Daidalos, while others will have it that Daidalos married a woman of Gortyn, and that Dipoinos and Skyllis were his sons by this wife.


(At Argos) is a temple of the Dioskouroi, and statues of themselves and their sons, Anaxis and Mnasinous, as well as the mothers of these, Hilaeira and Phoibe, the work of Dipoinos and Skyllis, made of ebony. Their horses too are sculptured mainly in ebony, but partly also in ivory.

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