In Greek mythology, Pandion I (Πανδίων) was a legendary king of Athens, the son and heir to Erichthonius of Athens and his wife, the naiad Praxithea. He married his maternal aunt, Zeuxippe, and they had four children, Erechtheus, Butes, Procne, and Philomela. His rule was unremarkable. He fought a war with Labdacus, the king of Thebes, over boundaries, and married his daughter Procne to Tereus in exchange for help in the fighting.

According to Apollodorus, it was during Pandion I's reign that the gods Demeter and Dionysus came to Attica.

At his death, he gave the rule of Athens to Erechtheus, but the priesthoods of Poseidon Erectheus and Athena to Butes.

King of Athens

Preceded by: Erichthonius of Athens

Succeeded by: Erechtheus

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