Construction of the Argo ship left side Athena and Tiphys the pilot in the center.

In Greek mythology, Tiphys, son of Hagnias (or of Phorbas and Hyrmina), was the helmsman of the Argonauts. He died of a mysterious illness. After his death, Ancaeus piloted the Argo.

Tiphys, son of Hagnias, left the Siphaean people of the Thespians, well skilled to foretell the rising wave on the broad sea, and well skilled to infer from sun and star the stormy winds and the time for sailing. Tritonian Athena herself urged him to join the band of chiefs, and he came among them a welcome comrade. She herself too fashioned the swift ship; and with her Argus, son of Arestor, wrought it by her counsels. Wherefore it proved the most excellent of all ships that have made trial of the sea with oars. Apollonius, Argonautica

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