Modern Greek Music
Michael Lahanas
Ελληνική Μουσική

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Modern” Ancient Greek Music

...experience enabled men to judge what was or was not really conducive to virtue, and they rejected both the flute and several other old-fashioned instruments, such as the Lydian harp, the many-stringed lyre, the 'heptagon,' 'triangle,' 'sambuca,' the like- which are intended only to give pleasure to the hearer, and require extraordinary skill of hand. There is a meaning also in the myth of the ancients, which tells how Athene invented the flute and then threw it away. It was not a bad idea of theirs, that the Goddess disliked the instrument because it made the face ugly; but with still more reason may we say that she rejected it because the acquirement of flute-playing contributes nothing to the mind, since to Athene we ascribe both knowledge and art. ) “Greek music is basically split and differentiated into two periods: the period of Greek Antiquity and the period of the Middle Ages and Christianity”, Music of Greek Antiquity by Aulites. Hyperlinked titles can be accessed via RealAudio. , , , (Διονύσιος Φιρφιρής) (?)

(Γεώργιος Ρεμούνδος) (?)

, Department of Informatics & Telecommunications, Greece.

), Amarantos (, Melissa, 1991, ISBN 9602040041

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Ancient Greece

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