Modern Greek Music
Michael Lahanas
Ελληνική Μουσική

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Galatas playing a bouzouki , 1895,

Songs of the Greek Underworld: The Rebetika Tradition

Main music organ of the Rebetiko the Bouzouki from the Turkish bozuk (musical instrument) and Rebetiko from he Turkish rebet (rebel) . Actually there is an entire debate with thousands of scholars and experts discussing the etymology. Music influenced regionally by foreign music due to Turkish occupation of the mainland for over 400 years, similar Italian music influence in islands occupied by Italy.

Performed by Rebetes (men) and Rebetisses (women).

in Greek)

in Greek), he considered himself as “a composer and not a rebetis” (Images)

(30.6.1938 and wants the dechiotification of the Rebetiko.”που με το μπουζουκάκι του γλεντούσαν κι οι διαβόλοι” (Real Audio)

(Greek: Κώστας Σκαρβέλης) (Constantinople 1880 - 8.4.1942 Athens)

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