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Herakles (Hercules) against the Giant wrestler Antaios (Antaeus), 515-505 BC century BC, Euphronios Painter, Late Archaic Attic Red Figure Krater, Louvre Paris , Vase Catalog Number: Louvre G 103 , Image , Closer Look

Hercules slaying the Centraur Nessos (or Nessus), Stamp Greece, 1970. Painting of a 1.22 m Early Black-Figure / Late Protoattic Aphora (Nessos Amphora), National Museum of Athens (NM1002). Discovered 1890 in Athens (at the Kerameikos region), the unknown artist named as the "Nessos painter".

Lake Stymphalus from Space Google Earth

Olympia, Heracles as Atlas

Heracles killing his children , Megara ,his wife, Iolaos and Alcmene as witnesses

Heracles and Auge, Phylax Scene

Heracles and Apollo fighting for a Tripod,

Heracles and Telamon against the Amazons

Deiniades (Potter), Phintias Painter, Munich 2590 Heracles Hermes and Alcyoneus

Heracles and Syleus, Louvre G210

Heracles and Nessus, Louvre K537

Stamnos, Heracles, Apollo and the Delphic Tripod, Louvre G180

Heracles, Louvre F341

Heracles and Geryon, Louvre F55

Heracles amd the Nemean Lion, BM B621

Heracles and the Erymanthian boar, BM B213

Heracles and the Ceryneian Hind BM B231

Jason and Heracles

Heracles, Cerberus and Hermes

Apotheosis of Herakles Louvre F294, Lysippides Painter

Atlas offers the Hesperides apples to Heracles, drawing from a Lekythos, Athena painter, c. 490/480 BC, National Archaeological Museum Athens, Inv. 1132..

Hesperides Mosaic, Liria

Hercules The Twelve Labours Mosaic, Liria

Milk sucking Heracles and Hera

Athena, Heracles, Munich, Antikensammlungen, 2301

Heracles fight with Eurytus and his sons for Iole

Heracles and the Erymanthian Boar, right side Athena

Slaying of Cycnus (Kyknos) by Heracles, Black-Figure Corinthian Amphora, 7th century BC, Munich

Herackles and Cerberus Louvre F204

Heracles binds the Cretan bull.

Heracles bringing to Olympus by Athena

"Cholchos" Oinochoe 572/525 BC

Heracles and Atlas, decoration of an Etruscan Mirror

Heracles and Achelous

Aetolia Tetradrachm, Heracles with lion skin, Aetolia on a pile of shields of Macedonians and Gauls, Text AITOLON

Kos Tetradrachm, Heracles Head with lion skin, Crab with Text "KOION" and "TIMOLYKOS". after 300 BC

Heracles and Apollo struggle for possession of the tripod, Treasury of the Siphnians: Delphi, ca 525 BC

Heracles and Amazon, Selinunte

Heracles in the Garden of the Hesperides

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