Part 4

Hercules fighting against the Centaurs

Hercules slaying the Hydra

Hercules killing Antaeus

Hercules shooting the Centaur Nessus

Hercules killing the Nemean Lion

Hercules capturing Cerberus

Lichas bringing the garment of Nessus to Hercules

Hercules killing Cacus at his Cave

Hercules and Antaeus , Hans Baldung

Hercules and Antaeus, Andrea Mantegna

Hercules on his funeral pyre

Heracles and Cerberus , Francisco De Zurbaran

Omphale and Heracles, Francois Lemyone, 1724

Heracles fighting for the life of Alcestis.

Gustave Moreau: Heracles and the Lernaean Hydra, 1876

Nessus and Heracles, Jules-Elie Delaunay

Hercules and Omphale , Francois Boucher

Angelika Kauffmann (1741-1807): "Death of Alcestis", 1790 (Vorarlberger Landesmuseum, Bregenz).

Hercules on the pyre

Heracles burning on Mount Oeta

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